2020 has been quite a year for all of us. Pandemic has kept us distancing from all of our daily lives activities. Since “the New Normal” has been around us the past 6 months, it slowly becoming “the Normal” for us. We are all have never been this aware of how important our hygiene & health maybe the past decade since the last Avian and Swine Flu happened. Cleanliness of the body has become our out top priority to avoid us getting infected by diseases, especially the Corona Virus-19. Taking shower regularly, washing hands not only becoming not only our needs, but also our new trend in our daily lives.

With the current of change mentioned above that is happening in global scale, hygiene & pharmaceutical industries are the ones are very positively affected by it. And as one of the best soap companies in Indonesia, Koyota International Group is committed to help and give the world our best to serve the entire population and produce a product of soap that will clean the bodies with the most care.

To overcome the grand image of Indonesia soap with its quality that has proven globally, Koyota International Group, beauty soap manufacturer in Indonesia, also come to the global market with its top quality to become one of the top soap companies that serves real quality product with high competitiveness to older brands.

To become top international soap manufacturer, we will also need reliable partners with the same visions and missions, to stand side by side with us and serve the world with our brands and products. With this, we are inviting and welcoming all the distributors and importers from all background of products, to join us in this journey!  

We are producing the best soap products from natural beauty soap, antiseptic bar soap, premium facial bar soap to multi purpose soap and we need helps from all the partners around the world to fill the needs of the quality hygiene of the world and you might be one of it!

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