Let’s Do Hand Washing With Soap. Dan Plus Soap is here to contribute to looking after Indonesian families.

The corona virus (Covid 19) pandemic has now hit various countries around the world. So far, there is no vaccine or drug that has been shown to be effective in treating this disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also issued an advisory regarding what to do to prevent this new type of corona. Efforts that can be done are to make various prevention efforts, one of which is washing hands with soap or what we often hear with the term CTPS (Washing Hands with Soap).

Washing hands with soap is one of the sanitation measures by cleaning hands and fingers using water and soap by humans to be clean and break the chain of germs. Washing hands with soap (CTPS) is also known as an effort to prevent disease. This is done because hands are often agents that carry germs and cause pathogens to transfer from one person to another, either by direct contact or indirect contact (using other surfaces such as towels, glasses).

Hands that come into direct contact with human and animal feces, or other body fluids (such as mucus, and contaminated food/drink when not washed with soap can transfer bacteria, viruses, and parasites to other people who are not aware that they are being transmitted. These hands then become an intermediary in disease transmission.

Washing hands with water alone is more common, but it has been shown to be ineffective in maintaining health compared to CTPS. Using soap in hand washing actually causes people to have to allocate more time when washing hands, but the use of soap is effective because the fat and dirt that sticks will be released when the hands are rubbed and rubbed in an effort to remove them. In the fat and dirt that sticks to this disease germs live.

All types of viruses including Covid-19 can be active outside the human body for hours, even days. They can be spread through droplets, such as when sneezing, coughing, or when the sufferer speaks. Disinfectants, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, gels, and creams that contain alcohol are all useful for killing this virus, but not as effectively as soap. During daily activities, it will be difficult for the hands to avoid viruses, bacteria, or germs. The reason is that the eyes are not able to see the virus directly, so washing hands is the best step to avoid contracting the disease.

With that Dan Plus Antibacterial soap is present in Indonesia as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid19 and also to contribute to protecting Indonesian families from disease.

Washing with water alone is much less likely to transfer the virus from the surface of the skin. So, wash your hands with soap (CTPS) because it contains fat-like compounds called amphiphiles, which are similar to lipids found in viral membranes. When soap comes into contact with this fatty substance, it binds to it and causes it to be released from the virus. It also forces the virus to escape from the skin.

How to wash hands properly? The first and obligatory is to wash your hands with soap and running water. Also make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. You are also prohibited from touching your nose, mouth and eyes before washing your hands.

Here are the six steps to washing hands recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the corona virus:

Spread the soap with both palms
Rub the back and between the fingers of the left hand with the right hand and vice versa
Rub between fingers
The back of the fingers of the right hand is rubbed against the palm of the left hand with the fingers of the inside of both hands interlocking
The thumb of the left hand is rubbed in a circle in the grip of the right hand and vice versa
Rub the fingertips of the right hand in the palm of the left hand and vice versa

  1. Ratakan sabun dengan kedua telapak tangan
  2. Gosok punggung dan sela-sela jari tangan kiri dengan tangan kanan dan sebaliknya
  3. Gosok sela-sela jari
  4. Punggung jari tangan kanan digosokkan pada telapak tangan kiri dengan jari sisi dalam kedua tangan saling mengunci
  5. Ibu Jari tangan kiri digosok berputar dalam genggaman tangan kanan dan sebaliknya
  6. Gosok berputar ujung jari tangan kanan di telapak tangan kiri dan sebaliknya

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