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Export Country

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Eventhough we are a still developing company, with the quality and the cerfitications we have (ISO9001:2015, ISO22716:2007 and Halal MUI), our Sales team managed to penetrate and sustain the market of the countries below:

Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cuba, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Libya, Mauritius, Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Yaman

All those countries are just the beginning and we are currently looking for more partners around the world. We are eager and very open to all other countries to make new partnerships and grow together in the new markets in the world.

About Koyota International Group

Koyota International Group is Indonesian soap manufacturer specializing in bar soap manufacturing for worldly scope exports of B2B in FMCG/Personal Care/Cosmetics business. We are partnering up with great partners all around the world and willing to grow together to achieve mutual benefits and satisfactions between the company, the partners and all of our consumers.

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