Koyota believe that we can be one of the best soap manufacturing companies

What Koyota Do

Koyota International Group is a bar soap manufacturing company from Indonesia located in Bekasi City, Jakarta. We are currently focusing and mastering the bar soap making art for the world bar soap market. Our bar soap product range from bath soap, beauty soap, toilet soap antiseptic soap, fruity soap and multi purpose bar soap. We truly believe that the quality of a products is the top priority of a beauty products. That is why we only work with credible soap noodle manufacturers to maintain the quality of our bar soap products. With our very experienced team supports, we believe that we can be one of the best soap manufacturing companies and be the main and biggest supplier of bar of soap in the world!

Our Vision

 To be the best brand and quality in worldly scope bar soap market.

Our Mission

To be the best bar soap manufacturer with quality and higher value products that satisfy the desires of consumers and enrich their daily lives through our commitment to the best professional and industrial practices.

Our Standards

We use natural resources, human capabilities and latest technology to achieve the best advantage of natural bar soap for consumers. We set ourselves high standards in relation to business practices, safety and care for the environment. We fulfill our social responsibilities and never abandon the spirit of innovation at all stages of our work. We commit to never compromise on our standards.

Our Commitment

We are determined to fulfill our commitment to manufacture each piece of soap’s as perfect as a pearl at the price of a single lemon.

Our Certificate

Our Collection

We are very excited to present you our best collection soap bar. From the bounties of the tropical land Koyota prepared this collection for you.

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About Koyota International Group

Koyota International Group is Indonesian soap manufacturer specializing in bar soap manufacturing for worldly scope exports of B2B in FMCG/Personal Care/Cosmetics business. We are partnering up with great partners all around the world and willing to grow together to achieve mutual benefits and satisfactions between the company, the partners and all of our consumers.

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